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November 16, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta

Bring’n it Back… NOLA style

I lied. This WordPress blog is officially re-opened. After a combination biz/pleasure trip to New Orleans, I’m inspired by the ‘rebirth’ theme. WordPress deserves another chance, and I’m going to start again by posting some photos from my trip to NOLA, to follow this post. My tumblr blog is still active at this point.

June 23, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta


This blog has moved to tumblr:

Come check out my posts at the new location!


May 18, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta

Gas Station Bride

I started shooting weddings a couple weeks ago with photographer Nora Bohanon, who’s handy work you can see here. We’ve been on the road a lot, hence the lack of blog posts. This shot is from the first wedding trip I made with Nora to Des Moine, Iowa.

We stopped at the Mississippi Market Place in Le Claire, Iowa, right after you cross the river from Illinois. It was a creepy little rest stop made up of a gas station, adjoining McDonald’s, and what I took for “the market”. It wouldnt have been creepy except for the plethora of  home-made crafts for sale adorning the regular gas station amenities, and the two lovely ladies above. The lady in white seemed oddly and appropriately dressed for the purpose of our trip, which is why I was compelled to document her. Also, something about them evoked The Wizard of Oz for me. The mannequins are like the scarecrow pointing to the restroom in three opposite directions.

I was curious enough about the place to approach the cashier and casually inquire about the interesting decor. She replied something like, “My boss, the owner, is crazy! You should’ve seen the place at Halloween. She had them [the mannequins] all dressed up in masks all over the store. I kept turning them around because they were scary to look at. The boss kept getting angry and fixing them, wondering who was turning them around… She actually just called to tell me its about to hail, so I could move my car under the gas pump overhang. She’s nice, but crazy.”

Off to Mexico in a few hours to shoot another wedding! Hasta la vista!

April 16, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta

Ted Leo

Listening to Ted Leo, I realized I never posted anything from the last time I saw him play at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. It was the night of the Paddy’s Day Parade (3/14/10) and we almost didn’t make it to the show…

I had shot the parade all morning and then Pete and I met up with our Irish friends (about 15 of them!) to join the ongoing celebration. Needless to say, we were knackered by 7pm when it came time to leave for the show, which was in a part of town neither of us had ever been to. Pete wasn’t in much of a condition to make decisions (not that I was!), but since we’d already bought the tix, I made the executive decision push on and go to the show. Plus, Pete had never seen Ted live!

It was rough, but we made it to Bottom Lounge with a little help from a friend’s iPhone for directions and Jimmy John’s subs for sustenance. Upon arrival at Bottom Lounge, Pete gave the bouncer our tickets (which were under my name) and the bouncer replied, “Thanks, Peter!”. We both spun on our heels at a complete stranger calling Pete by name. Then I took one look at Pete and we simultaneously realized his name was written on his forehead in green face paint- handy work of an Irish girl at the bar we’d just come from.

We grabbed some PBR’s (we were broke after all the shots at the bar) and settled in to see the show. The PBR’s pepped us up and by the time Ted came on we were happy little louses. Ted does not disappoint, and we both agreed the struggle to get to the show was totally worth it.

Here’s an action shot of Ted on my website.

April 11, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta

Good Friday

This is a selection of images I took last week during the infamous Stations of the Cross procession in Pilsen on Good Friday.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my uncle, Mike Patton, who was killed in an accident in Baltimore that evening. Rest in peace, Uncle Mike.

March 20, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta

Paddy’s Parade

I’ve celebrated Paddy’s Day in the cities of Baltimore, New York, Montreal, Brisbane, Guangzhou, and now Chicago. No matter where I am on March 17th, I’m always comforted by the omnipresent Irish spirit. Previously it was my opinion that New York did it best, but now that I’ve seen the Chicago River dyed “hazardous green” (as one friend put it) and hordes of green-clad people braving the Irish-like weather, I may have to reconsider! These are some of my favorite shots from the parade in Grant Park last weekend.

March 8, 2010 / Sarah Tilotta


Two weeks ago my friend Zak invited me to the venue SubTerranean (aka SubT) in Wicker Park to see his friend DJ in between band sets. The DJ’s were good, and the bands were awesome! SubT turned out to be a great venue to photograph bands, thanks to the upper level.

I was shooting away at one point and decided to pop my flash on the ceiling. It was pitch dark up there, so when I looked at my LCD I was totally surprised to see this massive weird wood sculpture right above the stage. These are some shots playing around with the sculpture, and not so much of the bands.

The band shots turned out pretty well too- Paul from the Vindits ending up buying some for his band (thanks Paul and the Vindits!). To see some of the band shots go here.